Services for Franchisors

The GFG operates as reliable local partner that assists the franchisor with the sensitivity need to cope with cultural, political, legal and behaviour patterns in different countries.

The GFG provides the following services:

  1. Assistance in identifying the appropriate mode of market entry;
  2. Finding match partner for franchise or franship;
  3. Providing Due Diligence of prospective partner;
  4. Assistance in negotiations with prospective partners and governmental bodies;
  5. Providing seminars about franchising in general for prospective franchisees;
  6. Serving as mediator between franchisors and franchisees at the first stages of business development;
  7. Providing expertise on legal, administrative issues.

Services for Franchisees

The GFG aims at promoting idea of franchise through providing comprehensive information to Business community globally. The project plan includes common promotional activities (seminars, meetings, disseminating educational material, etc) to raise interest toward franchising.

Apart from this the GFG offers the following services to the interested companies:

  • Assessing franchise potential of the company;
  • Finding match franchisor;
  • Assistance in business negotiation process;
  • Assistance in clarifying franchise agreement issues and responsibility of the parties (franchise fee, royalties, quality control, advertising, disputes, termination, etc). Providing intellectual support and consultancy upon special request;
  • Facilitation in case of dispute.